Customer Testimonials

We View Our Customers As Partners

ECi loves helping our customers improve their businesses, attain their goals and continue to grow. Read about real customers' experiences to learn how Red Falcon can provide the solutions you need.

“I like the new navigation. Things are easier to find and seem a lot bigger on the screen. Since the Red Falcon launch, I don’t think I’ve had a problem at all. “
- Brooks Boston, President
Plateau Office Supply

“The new navigation is working great for our team.  Our sales reps love the custom built favorites because they go to primarily the same screens each day, so now it’s all in one convenient place.  The ability to toggle visibility by user or user group has also been great because we are now able to give access to certain things that we were not able to before.”
- Allen Saunders, General Manager
SunDANCE Office Supply

"The search field in Red Falcon has made it easier than ever to quickly jump from one task to the next and Red Falcon's 'hidden sidebar' feature makes entering orders and other tasks much easier."
- Jim Jordan, Owner
Tennessee Office Supply

“Our business has grown and continues to grow quickly with the help of Red Falcon. The people are easy to work with and everyone seems dedicated to helping us.  For the ROI, Red Falcon is the best option available to dealers, period. If someone were to confide in me about starting a similar business, I would flat out recommend they use Red Falcon.”
- Ryan Tafelski, Owner
OfficePro Supply

“The conversion to Red Falcon was a smooth and painless process for us. The order processing is simpler and saves us time and our customer service reps find it much more intuitive to enter orders. Feedback from our customers has indicated the experience has been better for them as well. The look and feel for the customers is of a more modern e-commerce site. The conversion has been a good move for us and our customers."
- Victor Waldrop
Holley Office Products

"Red Falcon technical support has been very helpful.  They are quick to respond to our calls and answer our questions very quickly so we can get back to work.”
- Susan Smith

"Since the update, the ordering process is really smooth – which I greatly appreciate, since my time seems more and more divided between projects that I am assigned."
- Jeremy Krall,
Midwest Office Supply

"I have continued to pick up 3-5 new accounts every day and it is the Red Falcon storefront that assists me securing these new accounts. Our online customers rave about the ease and use."
- Bill Regan,
Stotz & Fatzinger Office Supply

"Your software and ease of use has helped us grow our on-line ordering from 8% in 2004 to about 50% this year! Sometimes it scares us that the phones aren't ringing off the wall, but then we realize that we have set up so many of our customers and they do their own ordering!"
- Karen Carter,
The Business Center Printing and Office Supply