Software Release Schedule

2018 Feature Releases

FeatureRelease Date
Inventory Module – Building out a full inventory tool Planned
Outpost Stock Checker – Allowing an end user to check stock Scheduled

2017 Feature Releases

FeatureRelease Date
SP Project – Use of SP content for Non-SP items Completed 1/2017
Interactive Training Completed 1/2017
OfficeShopper updated Completed 1/2017
Essendant Project – Contract Surfacing/filters Completed 3/2017
SP Project – Variants on SP items Completed 3/2017
SP Project – Sort List Completed 4/2017
JumpTrack Integration – Integrating more features with JT Completed 4/2017
Point of Sale Module (Phase 3 change sales price) – Standalone retail app Completed 4/2017
Server Move Completed 4/2017
Liberty Laser Completed 5/2017
SP Change to XML  Completed 5/2017
Essendant Project - New Heirarchy Scheduled
EMV – Chip and Pin machine Scheduled
PSN Integration - Easier integration between vendor partners Scheduled
Costs by Customer – The ability to have different cost per customer Scheduled
Alias part numbers – The ability to mask items Scheduled
Mass Changes – The ability to make mass changes Scheduled
Pricing by ship-to – Allowing Pricing to be more micro than just by customer Planned

2016 Feature Releases

FeatureRelease Date
Commissions – Changes to commissions Completed 1/2016
Competitive cross reference – Displaying Big Box Store prices Completed 4/2016
SP Project – Rich Marketing  Completed 7/2016
Integration with ESN for e-automate – EA new platform Completed 8/2016
Point of Sale Module (Phase 2 returns) – Standalone retail app Completed 9/2016
SP Project – Changes to Similar, Accessories, Also Bought and Also Consider in Outpost. Completed 9/2016
SP Project – Support of Delivery Times on SP items Completed 10/2016
SP Project – Upload custom items to Searchpro Completed 10/2016
Identity Group Completed 10/2016