Implementation through daily use, Red Falcon is with you every step of the way

“Our business has grown and continues to grow quickly with the help of Red Falcon. The people are easy to work with and everyone seems dedicated to helping us."

Ryan Tafelski, Owner
OfficePro Supply, Houston, TX

With an implementation method that has been perfected through decades of experience, customer feedback, training, and a commitment to customer care, we help you get the maximum benefit from your technology investment. Implementation on the Red Falcon system offers the shortest implementation time in the office products industry, averaging less than 30 days. It’s a benchmark that we take pride in, because the sooner you can begin using their new software, the sooner you a return on investment. 

After implementation, you will receive dedicated live personal attention and training to help you gain confidence with system. During this period, you can count on follow-up calls from Red Falcon’s dedicated customer service and training teams to check on your progress with the software, answer questions and resolve any issues you might have.