Granite Office Speeds Up Same-Day Delivery Process with JumpTrack®

ECi Red Falcon customer Lee Mercer
Lee Mercer, Manager,
Granite Office

Granite Office is an office products and furniture dealership that operates in Salt Lake City. The company services business accounts and provides same-day delivery for orders placed before noon each day. Orders placed after noon are delivered the next morning. Granite has four trucks that operate throughout the city and metro area to make 50 to 60 stops per day, delivering 200 packages.

Granite’s trucks have a “morning route” to accommodate late-day orders from the previous day and an “afternoon route” to accommodate orders placed before noon. To ensure same-day delivery, it’s critical for Granite to get its drivers out the door more efficiently on their afternoon routes. The company tries to get drivers on the road by 2:00 p.m. but found that the process of creating manifests and printing out invoices caused a big delay.

In addition, after delivery, customers sometimes called customer service to request proof of delivery. Because Granite collected signatures on paper and then filed them, it took staff about 10 to 15 minutes per request to find the appropriate invoice and fax it to the customer. JumpTrack™ eliminated this laborious task, allowing immediate access to the electronic delivery proof and enabling staff to email it to the customer with one click.

An easy solution to get drivers out the door
Granite uses Red Falcon™ e-commerce platform for ordering and came across the JumpTrack proof-of-delivery application at one of ECi’s annual Connect Conferences. Lee Mercer, manager at Granite Office, says he was immediately attracted to JumpTrack because of the ease-of-use and relative affordability of the application.

“We were really impressed that JumpTrack can be used on a smartphone—it didn’t require any additional investment in equipment,” says Mercer. “In addition, JumpTrack was already integrated with Red Falcon, which made it really easy to implement.”

Prior to putting JumpTrack into operation, Granite found it was spending a lot of time in creating driver manifests and delivery routes, and printing them off to give to the drivers. “For our drivers, it was a lot of waiting around,” says Mercer. “Once the orders were set, it took at least 15 minutes to finalize the routes and print off the manifests.”

Now, once drivers load their trucks, they are able to immediately get on the road. While they start out for their first stop, Mercer and his team finalize the manifests and upload the routes into JumpTrack. When drivers reach their first stop, they can pull out their smartphones, check JumpTrack and they have the rest of their route loaded and ready to go.

“We’ve reduced a 15-minute process to less than 5 minutes,” says Mercer. “That small difference is critical when we’re talking about same-day delivery.”

When drivers deliver packages, customers now electronically sign on their driver’s smartphone. With JumpTrack’s cloud technology, these signatures are automatically stored in the application. When customers call to request proof of delivery, Granite staff can easily look online and email information to them.

Cost savings that more than pay for the application
Mercer says that in addition to the time savings in getting drivers out the door, drivers are also able to realize time savings during their deliveries. Not having to handle as much paper and having all delivery information at their fingertips has resulted in a savings of 30 to 45 minutes per driver. This means that, in total, Granite is saving at least $15,000 per year using JumpTrack, which more than pays for the cost of the application.

“The time savings we’ve realized means that we can also add additional stops in the future without having to hire additional staff,” says Mercer. “Even with an additional two stops per driver per day, that could be 40 stops every week.”

Mercer is also looking forward to expanding his team’s use of JumpTrack in the future. For example, with JumpTrack, drivers are able to take photos of deliveries either as photo proof of delivery or if damage occurs. They can attach the photos to a specific delivery’s file. Overall, Mercer is pleased not only with the cost savings that JumpTrack has delivered but also with the perception that customers have of the company since JumpTrack has been implemented.

“We are thrilled with all the advantages this product is giving us. By using the latest technology, such as smartphones and cloud- based applications, we look really technologically advanced,” says Mercer. “In addition, using less paper fits into our strategy of being as environmentally responsible as we can be.”

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