JumpTrack® Proof-of-Delivery Software Solution

Improving Fleet and Delivery Efficiencies

JumpTrack replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic signature capture and improves fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver's day, all while improving customer service with real-time information from anywhere.

What Can JumpTrack Do For You?

JumpTrack is a paperless proof-of-delivery (POD) system that leverages smartphone and tablet technology with low-cost cloud computing to create a powerful, high-return POD solution without the high initial investment of traditional systems.  

Our technology is ideal for private delivery fleet operators that want to reduce the costs associated with delivering your own products.  JumpTrack improves customer service by providing real-time online access into the status of their deliveries taking place that day.  

JumpTrack eliminates the labor and forms costs associated with paper-based systems and improves the productivity of delivery fleets by providing you with real-time visibility into your driver’s day. It is fully scalable to business conditions and the low initial investment offers a faster ROI, usually within 30 days.

Proof-of-Delivery Software Advantages:

System Requirements:

IOS Device -  iPhone, iPod Touch Gen. 5, iPad & iPad Mini:
     • iOS v7.0 or above
     • 50MB free device memory for install and photos

ANDROID Device - A supported Android phone or tablet with:
     • Android 4.4.1 or above
     • 50MB free device memory for install and photos

JumpTrack Whitepaper: The Proof is in the Delivery

JumpTrack Whitepaper: The Proof is in the Delivery

How can a good Proof-of-Delivery (POD) solution increase efficiency and drive profits? Read this whitepaper and find out.

JumpTrack  ROI Savings Calculator

JumpTrack ROI Savings Calculator

How soon will JumpTrack® start saving you money? Calculate your ROI now!

JumpTrack Testimonial - Granite Office

JumpTrack Testimonial - Granite Office

Learn how Red Falcon customer Granite Office saves thousands per year with JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery software.

JumpTrack Infographic

JumpTrack Infographic

Paper trails don’t necessarily need to be established by paper-based processes. By embedding mobile tools deep within fleet operations, companies can save a significant sum while immediately improving productivity.