ECi Red Falcon Advisory Council

At ECi, customer involvement is an essential part of our development process. These groups work closely with ECi product managers and senior staff, representing the concerns of our user communities as a whole and helping us improve our products for the benefit of all of our customers.

The dealers, distributors and resellers who serve on the advisory groups represent a cross-section of the companies using ECi products in terms of company sizes, industries, geographic locations, business models and supplier affiliations. In addition to serving as representative for the user community, the advisors assist ECi in software development, suggesting and prioritizing future software enhancements. They also volunteer their time to assist in designing and testing new features. This helps to ensure that ECi’s vision for our products remains aligned with the needs of current and prospective customers, enabling you to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Council Members

The advisory council members are available to assist both existing and prospective customers. If you have questions about ECi or its products, we encourage you to contact a member of the appropriate advisory group.

Lisa Burchard
Advance Office & Janitorial              
Las Vegas, NV
Jeremy Krall
Midwest Office
Springfield, IL
Josh Kunkle
AMO Office
Ft. Wayne, IN
Shane Roach
Mister Paper
Gainesville, FL
Allen Saunders
Sundance Office              
Tulsa, OK
Shawn Stahr
RR Supplies
Richmond, VA
Carrie Gwen Johnson
Friends Office Products
Marinette, WI
Greg Gomes
Pacific Paper Co.
Eureka, CA
Sheri Stiles
Stone Computer & Copier Supply
Southlake, TX
800-688-2989 x400
Amanda Herbert
Document Imaging Dimensions
Yorkville, ILL
Angie Dubis
Global Procurement Solutions
Newberry, SC

David Bolm
Office Solutions NW
Yakima, WA
509-453-7181 x109