Web Store Videos to Engage Customers

Complete your marketing strategy with videos that match YOUR web store design

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What can you do with web store videos?

Promote online features Reinforce your brand
Add to newsletters Add to email signatures
Enhance email campaigns Improve customer engagement
Use in blog posts Great content for social media
Improve customer service Include with online proposals
Use in sales follow-up

Web Store Videos Marketing

Everything to Play, Post, and Share your Web Store Brand

Providing multiple video marketing solutions, this $750 annual service harnesses the power of video with prospects and customers for sales, marketing and support communications. Extend your brand with everything needed to play, post and share your web store videos on your website, blog, social media and mobile devices.

Hang the gallery from your web store menu to present videos to swipe, tap and play. NEW "View All" options plays every video.

ECi web store videos playlist

The playlist is back! Now mobile-friendly, users can view, tap, scroll and select from your list of 18+ custom branded videos.

Add to any web page, blog, email, marketing promotion or anywhere…as small as one video. The number of places to present your videos just got much, much bigger!

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Web Store Marketing adds exponential value to your web presence:

  • 19+ SEO pages profile every video
  • Link to 133 syndicated locations
  • Provide share options to 300+ sites.

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Web Store Videos Gallery

The $500 annual service includes:

  • High-definition videos with branded thumbnails
  • Mobile-friendly hosting
  • SEO-optimized content
  • All web store installation, maintenance and support
  • Automatic gallery uploads of newly produced videos

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Web Store Videos Samples

Generic Videos for Limited Use before Branding the Store

Get this video gallery with 7 generic, ECinteractivePLUS branded videos as an interim solution before receiving your custom branded web store videos.

Samples include:

  • Introduction
  • Why Register
  • Start Shopping
  • Browse Selection
  • Quick Search
  • Checkout
  • Order Confirmation

Access to the interim ECinteractivePLUS Samples gallery is available upon registration. Upon registration, an email from Motion Media Solutions (exclusive provider of GoVideo program support) will provide scheduling options to learn more about the GoVideo Web Store Videos program.

We will include instructions for adding this interim Samples gallery to your web store.

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