Success Story: Warden’s Office Products

DDMS® and D.FORCE2PLUS™ Take E-commerce
to the Next Level

Rob Turula, IT Manager • Warden's Office Products 
Rob Turula, IT Manager • Warden's Office Product

After 11-plus years as IT manager at Warden’s Office Products in Modesto, California, Rob Turula has a pretty good idea of what it takes for an independent office products dealer to be able to successfully compete online. The good news for him and the rest of the team at Warden’s is, that after implementing the new D.FORCE2PLUS™ Web storefront from ECi Software Solutions, he’s confident that he’s got just what he needs and more! 

When we talked to Turula, Warden’s was still in the early stages of D.FORCE2PLUS™ implementation but, he says, even after switching only 10% of his customers to the new site, he was already seeing a clear and very positive impact. 

Fast and Easy to Use

“D.FORCE2PLUS is so much faster, so much easier to navigate and far more flexible than anything we’ve seen before,” Turula reports. “There’s been plenty of concern in the dealer community in recent years about our ability to compete online. With D.FORCE2PLUS, the independent has successfully played catch-up with our online competition and then some!” 

And in a market with more and more office products buyers expecting a feature-rich, user friendly online shopping experience as a standard part of their supplier’s basic value proposition, the timing couldn’t be better. 

“D.FORCE2PLUS comes with some major throughput advancements—all the way from shopping through to checkout,” he says. “Response time now is super-fast and the new user interface is not only very simple but also very flexible.” 

Margin Improvement and Marketing Opportunities

The benefits of the new platform are just as positive on the dealer side of things, adds Turula. “The new substitution program is a huge plus,” he contends. “It saves time, works so much more smoothly and will help us increase our margins and sales of our preferred vendors’ products dramatically.” 

D.FORCE2PLUS should also free up valuable time for Turula and his team on the maintenance side, he suggests. Up until now, Warden’s has been forced to maintain two separate sites—one for its e-commerce front end and the other to host basic “About Us” type information on the dealership. The new site, he says happily, will allow the dealership to integrate e-commerce functionality and marketing content on just one platform—a major gain from both a sales and an internal productivity perspective. 

Turula also gives the new site high marks for its increased marketing power. “There’s a lot more advertising space on the home page for specials and product promotions and, as a dealer, we can decide whether or not we want to provide some of the ads ourselves or let the system manage all the advertising on the site,” he reports. “Either way, it means the site is fresh and constantly offering new content and campaigns for our customers.” 

Smooth Conversions

And switching customers to the new site could not be easier, Turula says. “There are no internal administrative changes needed—all we have to do is give the customer their new URL and they’re ready to start shopping!” he reports happily. 

“The bottom line,” says Turula, “is that D.FORCE2PLUS is a fabulous program. It’s doing everything ECi said it would do and it’s doing it very well. We haven’t had it very long but our salespeople have embraced it and are out there converting customers as fast as they can. And, make no mistake it’s a very easy sell!”