Success Story: Laniado Wholesale Maintenance Products

DDMS Keeps Things Running Smoothly for Janitorial Supplies Company

After nearly 40 years in the janitorial supplies industry, Nanda Laniado knows one thing for sure: business is complicated enough without having to worry about a super-complex computer system to keep things running smoothly and profitably. 

Fortunately, with the DDMS system from ECi Software Solutions, that’s not a concern. “DDMS is easy to use, their people are very knowledgeable and easy to work with, and their support is excellent,” she says happily. 

It’s been that way at Nanda’s company, Rockville, Maryland-based Laniado Wholesale Maintenance Products, since the DDMS system went in back in 1999. The company itself was started by Ralph Laniado, Nanda’s brother, around 40 years ago. 

“I’m no computer expert, but I can work with DDMS,” Nanda reports. “It gives me the information I need to run the business and it’s very easy to operate.” 

Business has been growing nicely of late, with an expanding customer base in the greater Washington, DC market that Nanda and her 15-person team serve. But competition is fierce and there’s little margin for error or sloppy business practices. 

Her years of industry experience have given Nanda a solid appreciation of what works and what doesn’t. “We have a very simple operation,” she says. “We go to market on the basis of our service and pricing and the DDMS system supports what we are trying to do very well. It certainly makes my life much easier. It’s just a good company and I am happy to recommend DDMS to other janitorial supply houses like us.”