Multiple Verticals

ECi DDMSPLUS™ is the only industry software that allows expansion into multiple product lines and services

Every business owner knows that diversity is the key to growth. The ability to expand into multiple business verticals and to offer various services is a must. DDMSPLUS™ is the only software for the office industries that allows you to expand your product and service offerings and still use just one software package. 

DDMSPLUS readily expands to accommodate office and contract furniture and office equipment with the addition of modules specific to those product and service lines. Below are just a few of the verticals you can also add to your business:

DDMSPLUS is customizable to the way you do business. Our highly experienced staff will incorporate the unique products and services you offer. Full integration with ECinteractivePLUS™, our premier e-commerce package, allows you to reach even more customers and to offer customer self-service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

You can offer multiple products and services without having to string together several software packages. DDMSPLUS gives you a true end-to-end solution that not only runs a comprehensive business seamlessly, it also allows your company to keep growing.