Focus and Features

ECi DDMSPLUS™ is the solution for dealers with a versatile product and services mix

"Technology is the number one thing that affects our business. From e-commerce and inventory management to accounting and customer service, we rely on DDMS to keep our dealership healthy.”

—Bert Light, Co-owner, Artlite Office Supply, Atlanta, Georgia

The next generation product, DDMSPLUS™ is a comprehensive cloud-based system that includes order management, purchasing, inventory, AR/AP, customer/employee/business management tools, business/sales analytics, reporting, and sales marketing/management.  In addition, e-commerce solutions, modules to manage office equipment and furniture, delivery management tools, and fleet management tools fully integrate. ECi DDMSPLUS is designed to run your business using one system instead of relying on several software packages to perform different tasks.

Because it is cloud-based, ECi DDMSPLUS allows your business to be accessed from any computer, mobile device or tablet, using any Internet connection. 

The software solution of choice for more than 540 unique customers across the U.S. and seven countries, many of our customers have diversified product lines, including art supplies, business equipment, breakroom supplies, office furniture, educational supplies, GSA account, Jan/San, promotional items and more.     

Included* with each new DDMSPLUS cloud-based ERP system:

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