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Digital Gateway and Acsellerate Announce New Executive Dashboards for the Office Equipment Market

Industry Leaders partner to deliver new on-demand graphical dashboard to executives

Provo, UT—Monday, April 9, 2012  Digital Gateway, the leading provider of dealer management solutions for the Office Equipment industry is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Acsellerate ®, the premier sales intelligence service.  Acsellerate, working closely with key office equipment dealers and consultants, is currently developing a new graphical dashboard specifically for Office Equipment executives designed to provide them strategic and powerful insights into their business.

“We are very excited about the value that this innovative solution will offer our customers,” said Jim Phillips, CEO and President of Digital Gateway. “Acsellerate’s new office equipment dashboard will allow companies to leverage their customer data, highlighting important patterns and trends that can improve the bottom line.  By proactively identifying key opportunities, Acsellerate will promote growth while saving time and increasing efficiency.” 

“Offering a unique analytic solution for Digital Gateway customers will significantly enhance the way office equipment dealers evaluate their businesses,” says Steve Sabatini, President of Acsellerate. “We are making specific strides to ensure this version of Acsellerate’s application will address the needs of dealers in the industry.   The new graphical dashboard we are designing with Digital Gateway will enhance our application with additional metrics, providing relevant, sophisticated sales intelligence throughout the office equipment community.”

"DGI's new partnership with Acsellerate is introducing enhanced capabilities for on demand data analysis and reporting to C-Level and managerial employees,” commented Troyt Gholson, VP of Operations and Finance for Laser Resources, one of the companies providing industry perspective and input in the dashboard development process.  “This will give us the ability to dynamically review key sales, service and operational performance metrics from anywhere we have internet access."

Acsellerate’s industry specific enhancements include metrics related to contract share, meter reading, number/type of machines placed and accounts receivable.   The detailed analysis of these and other key statistics will highlight the best opportunities within current customers, revealing additional avenues to increase sales and margin.

“DGI is committed to help our customers build strong businesses,” continues Phillips.  “Acsellerate’s new dashboard accomplishes that goal by providing easily accessible information that drives sales and profitability.”

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About ECi Acsellerate

Acsellerate is the market leader in on-demand sales and business intelligence, providing web-based analytic, advanced reporting and integrated CRM solutions.  The interactive information empowers executives, managers and sales professionals to easily understand the effectiveness of their customer relationships and turn that insight into bottom-line results.  As a business unit of ECi Software Solutions, Acsellerate is able to arm distributors in a variety of industries, with an effective, affordable suite of services designed to help them compete successfully in today’s market without requiring a significant technology or financial investment.  For more information visit, or call (571) 266-6420.