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PlanetPress Printing Solutions Will Bring Postage and Printing Savings to Britannia Customers

Fort Worth, TX—Thursday, March 11, 2010  ECi Software Solutions (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the release of the variable data printing solution PlanetPress Suite to Britannia customers.

PlanetPress Suite enables easy creation, printing, emailing and faxing of customer-facing documents in house, eliminating the need for preprinted forms. These in-house documents can be produced using any printer so there is no need to dedicate a printer just for forms. ECi Britannia will offer customization of up to six forms including invoices, statements, quotes, packing lists, order confirmations and purchase orders. All documents can be generated from the same data file used to create orders and invoices, so information is entered only once. Conditional text such as "thank you for your business," images and company logos can also be incorporated.

"With PlanetPress, we offer our customers a way to create professional documents in house. This will save them money on printing and mailing costs, help speed up their work processes and enhance their brand image," says Anshul Choudhry, General Manager of ECi Britannia. "It also enables dealers to print documents in color, supports emailing in Adobe PDF format, prints barcodes and allows documents to be faxed from a computer, eliminating the need for additional hardware."

The end result is significant savings in time and money over preprinted documents and greater efficiency in workflow.

To learn more, contact or call (866) 374-3221.

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Objectif Lune first started in the variable data printing industry in 1993 by creating custom turnkey solutions which evolved into a suite of products called PlanetPress Suite. The company has quickly become a leader in its field and provides solutions for all aspects of the variable data printing industry including transactional and promotional printing, workflow automation and web-to-print. To help businesses make the most of their variable data printing operations, the company offers a full range of professional services including software integration, document design and custom development. Objectif Lune has increased its worldwide presence with branches or distributors in the United States, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France and is headquartered in Montreal. To learn more, visit