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Britannia V5 Lite Offers Small Office Products Dealers Affordable Access to a Full-Featured Software System

Fort Worth, TX—Thursday, August 5, 2010  ECi Software Solutions (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, announced today the release of Britannia V5 Lite. This version of Britannia V5 is specifically for the small independent dealer, including one-person enterprises. The low fee base makes it the most competitive solution in the industry.

"Most small dealers think they cannot afford state-of-the-art software," says Anshul Choudhry, General Manager of ECi Britannia. "Now with Britannia V5 Lite, they can."

Britannia V5 Lite will give small dealers the best of both worlds. They will have direct access to the best software and support in the industry. And, being a member of the ECi family, they are part of a large company investing millions in the improvement and development of the software specific to their business. No other software provider serving the office products industry offers that security and peace of mind.  Through Britannia V5 Lite, smaller dealers will have full access to core modules and features that are available to all dealers using Britannia V5. This includes electronic communication with a wide range of vendors, allowing them to sell more SKUs in office products, school supplies and office furniture.

"Many small dealers, because of cost issues, are using several software products to run their business," Choudhry says. "The software packages do not integrate with one another and tasks take a great deal of time."

Britannia V5 Lite is a fully integrated, hosted system. Using V5 Lite gives a small dealer access to QuickBooks export, a customizable website, POS, inventory control, electronic purchasing, reports and more.

"There is an upper transaction limit," explains Choudhry. "That's how we qualify a small dealer. V5 Lite is also targeted at businesses that require only a single license.

"We are devoted to finding affordable solutions for our dealers," says Choudhry. V5 Lite is targeted toward growth. So, as a dealer's business grows, that dealer will be able to upgrade to the full version of V5 and gain access to even more features. The best thing about V5 Lite is that it performs the day-to-day operations for a dealer, freeing them up to grow their business.

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